Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Mysteries Of The Orient


  1. Morning Ms. J!!
    What do you think of "Boobah"?
    Charming theme...
    Must go to the studio tday and create more along this theme!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. In my item description for this carved Buddha, I explain that a lovely little 4 year old wanted a piece like her mother purchased from me. It was a tiger eye Buddha and since she wanted one too...
    I created a little necklace of a bone carved Buddha with lavender crystals- her birthday is February... and she called it BooBah, has trouble with I work with her mom, who's also a dear friend, and she says her daughter kisses it every day... laughs... she's a sweet little angel.

  3. hahaha! My goodness, I am not really with it in the mornings! hahaha! I did see the "Boobah" but didn't clue in:p That is so cute she kisses it every day:) Love the story! Now, I get to deal with the evil corporation called "the bank"!

  4. What a fun theme, and beautiful blog! My knotted necklace is in wonderful company, thank you!

  5. Thanks for adding my mahjong tile to the blog. my new fan page to facebook is!/pages/Creations-by-James/155162451168936?ref=sgm

  6. Thanks Jess and James for dropping by:)