Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Gobble, Gobble:)


  1. Thanks for the post! I'm following you now and will post more later but now I'm off to cook the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!

  2. I love the theme of the day, the holidays are upon us, thanks for the post I am honored, please look at the other items I have for Thanksgiving and Fall.

  3. Thanks Josephine for adding my miniature turkey to your page. Have a great holiday !!

  4. Thanks so much for adding my table numbers to your page! Love your selection and Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Morning Dear Lady!!
    I don't really have a Turkey themed piece, per se... but I wish I could post a pic of my 3 now grown daughters... mm. Turkeys each one... lol.
    But, as a reminder to cherish and give to others I did link one piece, Jo.
    If it doesn't seem fitting feel free to remove, I would certainly understand. :)
    Hugs and coffee,
    To a New Week of wonderful goodies...

  6. My favorite time of the year! Leaves falling, kids playing, cooler air, and the crackeling of a fire. Having something hot to drink while sitting in front of an outdoor fire--dosen't get any better than that! It is a time to be thankful for every thing we have and to feel blessed that we are here and able to enjoy it!

  7. I'm with you Robin! Warm apple cider in front of a toasty fire with the leaves changing and the air damp outside is one of the best times of the year!

    Thanks for throwing my Autumn Harvest Confetti into the mix too. It's such a warm colorful board and I'm excited to be included :)

  8. I love Fall as well...The smell of chimney smoke!

    Thanks everybody for dropping by:) Have an excellent Turkey day:)

  9. Hi Josephine very nice blog you have here, love all of your posts. Thank you for including my sign on here. :-)


  10. Wow this is sooooo much fun, haven't done this before! Thanks for including me!

    "Happy Fall, Ya All"!